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Raine and Mike had heard Arnold speak at a seminar downtown and then Raine ran into Arnold at a private function and asked him about some help with a demo.   Arnold, not being available,  offered his studio and assistant to record an off the floor demo.   Arnold  wasn't impressed when he heard the finished product  but  Raine's persona, conviction  and unique vocal identification had intrigued him.  Arnold went to a rehearsal was convinced that they had a special quality and that was when they started working together.

After recording and distributing  several demos,  Sony reps came to the studio for a live show case of the band.   After hearing the songs live, the reps confirmed that they were interested in signing the band.  After the band anxiously waited the rest of the day,  at 5 pm that day a deal memo came across the fax machine at Arnyard Studios.   Fun Fact -  OLP didn't even have a official  drummer in the band during the showcase.  

Recording Fun Fact - The percussion rhythm instrument  used on the intro to Naveed was  an empty coffee can taped to a mic stand and struck with a hand.  

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