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After Sheriff disbanded, Arnold starting developing a new project to capture the ideas he was hearing in his head.  In order to capture it directly he decided to sing, play the instruments, engineer and produce it himself in his home.   This was the first time that Arnold would sing lead vocals, play the guitar or program but he decided that it was easier to do it himself then to explain the ideas to anyone else.   In addition, there was no budget since it was self funded.  It was a risk but Arnold's philosophy was  'If I don't believe in this project, why would a record company believe in it?"  

In 1985 Arnold borrowed money to buy a Tascam tape machine, rented a microphone and used his old P.A desk  and set up a recording space in his family room.    When he was recording he had to uplug house appliances or he would pick up hums and electronic disturbances in the recording.

The right place, the right time, the right person.  Arnold has always been grateful that Bob Roper was the A&R rep at WEA when Arnold was shopping the FG demos.  Bob was passionate about music and Arnold found out later, about golf.  As a thank you to Bob for believing in the project, the FG team brought him to an exclusive golf course in Florida, even though Arnold was a terrible golfer.  Arnold wondered how long it would take for Bob to be embarrassed by his golfing.  He didn't care, as long as Bob wasn't embarrassed by his music.  Arnold had never fronted a band,  he had recorded everything in his house and the band had never performed live... but Bob believed in him.  Bob Roper was passionate about music first and always.  

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