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Arnold wrote Elisa for his sister who had supported him unconditionally while he chose to pursue a  passion for music.  Arnold was the first born Canadian to an Ital Canadese family.  His mother only spoke Italian and  was raising four children alone after his Father died in a car accident and Arnold's sister had to represent both parents in a new environment.     Arnold's first born child  was named for his sister Elisa to thank her for strength.

Arnold wrote California  after playing bars in California.  It reminded him of his summers spent in Cassino, Italy and he always knew that one day he wanted to live there....or Italy....but California was closer.

Arnold wrote When I'm With You for his Girlfriend Valerie as a Valentine's gift (his usual gift was  a french cruller and coffee at the local Tim's.)  It was a Valentine's party at a local bar in T.O. the first time Sheriff played it.   Since that  night the sentiments have stood the test of time.   Almost 40 years after writing that song, Arnold still receives messages from those who share his love song.  

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