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Til My Heart Beats Still clip - Songwriter Arnold Lanni
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Til My Heart Beats Still - Arnold Lanni - songwriter
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Til My Heart ( Beats Still)

Female voice

Female voice

Both  voices to 

Female voice

Male voice

Hush A' Bye

My Sweetest Angel

Don't cry

You're safe in my arms

Yeah every time that your heart aches

Through every turn  that your life takes

Know that from this moment on

You'll never be alone 

 No I'll be here

Until forever

Cuz I love you more

Than I've loved before

And I'll love you til 

My heart beats still

I wished for you

Your hopes and dreams would all come true

And you'd find your own way

From your first breath 

You dared to soar

Yeah always reaching wanting more

Oh and marching to the beat of your own drum

I'm so proud of all you've done and all you've become

And I love you more 

Than  I loved before 

And I'll love you till

My heart beats still

I found someone who cares for me

Who'll keep you in his heart

For ever and for always

Someone who'll love and cherish me



For everything you are 


eternally, eternally 


I give to you to

I give you to

 Cherish and love the rest of your life

My baby girl

Your wife


 And I  love her more

Than I've loved before

and I'll love her  til 

My heart beats still



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